I’m a freelance photographer from the UK currently living in Brisbane, Australia. Photography is an outlet for my curiosity about the world and other cultures; a way to learn about and interpret them through visual storytelling. I’ve been a working photographer since 2011 and besides the commercial and travel assignments I shoot, for the last few years I’ve dedicated much of my time to personal work focused on long term and ongoing stories in Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Burma. These stories sit mainly in fine art and incorporate a mixture of street photography and portraiture. I tend to shoot what I find most visually striking about a place or something I feel compelled to explore and show. That could be an aspect of the everyday which is deeply ingrained in a culture, such as football in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas (as with ‘Cidade do Futebol’). Or some place within a place that just intrigues me, as was the case with Electric Dreams in Tokyo.

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  1. Glad to find this blog. Amazing pictures and travel stories! Truly inspiration..- funny, we used a same blog theme, actually from the theme then I found your blog. Greetings from Rotterdam..


    • Thanks Indah, I’m glad you like the blog and yours looks great too! And you’ve reminded me I should blog more as it’s been a while – I have some stuff coming up soon though. Greetings, Tony


  2. I just wanted to commend you on producing such an inspiring blog. Your photos create such an intimate portrait of your subjects that really pulls in my interest as a reader. Kudos!!


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